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You’re in the right place for YM acrylic furniture.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Yaoming.we guarantee that it’s here on Yaoming.
has a number of advanced production lines, and has introduced a number of first-class insoles production equipment at home and abroad. All this provides a strong guarantee for the high quality of ..
We aim to provide the highest quality YM acrylic furniture.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
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    About Us
    Yaoming Acrylic Artcrafts Co., Ltd has established more than 17 years. We focus on  acrylic furniture, good service as the core value.It is an enterprise mainly specializing in designing, manufacturing, sales and service of acrylic products. We can do production right upon customers’ requirements and instructions. Integrating Chinese and Western aesthetic concepts, leading the model of acrylic technology. On the basis of high quality acrylic sheet, yaoming uses the trend design concept and develops diversified integrated furniture with modern acrylic furniture.The products include coffee table series, stool and chair series,  bedroom series, dining room series, as well as other furniture accessory acrylic products and other modern furniture with diverse styles and personalities.Regard quality as life, regard technology as fundamental.From raw materials to finished products, pay close attention to quality.The company has introduced several sets of advanced acrylic technology equipment in the industry, constantly moving forward on the road of excellence in quality.Computer cutting of acrylic sheet accurately;According to craft design and category requirements of the acrylic sheet computer fine engraving, plastic molding.Polish to remove rough edges, choose different polishing processes according to the product, achieve new quality and color.Through tight and uniform gluing, bubble-free transparent gluing is achieved, and shadowless and firm gluing is achieved.Acrylic conbined with hardware, silk screen printing and hot bending process,Fire polish and cleaning to complete the final treatment before packaging.Bonding, inspection, packaging, and finally complete the amazing appearance of the whole product.Put them in storage and deliver them to customers through supply chain logistics.Customer-oriented, talent as the core.The company has a first-class technical team, and constantly explore and innovate in the field of acrylic technology.Products pass through ISO40019001 certification, high-quality products and services through the market repeatedly verified, but also won the customer praise, for the quality of endorsement,also bring brand reputation.Now we have established long-term partnership with many famous furniture brands.Inheritance of quality, win-win future.Yao Ming will be keeping working with our partners,  create a new era of Chinese acrylic!
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